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Displaying Docker containers in Conky

After using Docker over a couple of months for managing a development environment locally, I felt a bit tired of repeatedly checking the status of the containers several times each day. So I looked after how can I display the current status of the containers in the Conky system monitor.

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System notifications for Maven on Ubuntu

Builds can be slow and sloppy. If your job involves executing maven builds frequently during your work - and if you are a java developer than most probably you do so - then you spend significant time on waiting for build jobs.

Of curse we usually don’t just stare at the console, waiting for the maven build to finish, at least because the log messages flooding on the screen just harmful for the eyes. Instead we something else in an other window.

During those (hopefully) short build periods I don’t like periodically checking if the build has finished yet, but I want to know exactly when it is done. To let myself get notified about it I created a simple wrapper on the top of the mvn command which just pops up a unity system notification on ubuntu after the build. I have been using this utility for years, maybe it will be useful for others too.

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Being a library maintainer for a year

A year passed since the first public version of the everit-org/json-schema library was published on maven central. I think it may be interesting to look back for a summary of what I learned during this year. This started out as an unimportant side-project, basically I was simply bored on a Friday evening, and I looked for something to hack. I started getting familiar with JSON Schema a few weeks before. I had some concerns with the existing java implementation of the specification, and also the schema spec didn’t look too difficult, so I thought “why not”.

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JSON Patch and JSON Merge Patch

Partly as a side effect of the PATCH HTTP verb gaining attention in the recent years, people started to come up with ideas about representing JSON-driven PATCH formats which declaratively describe differences between two JSON documents. The number or home-grew solutions is probably countless, two formats have been published by IETF as RFC documents to solve this problem: RFC 6902 (JSON Patch) and RFC 7396 (JSON Merge Patch). Both have advantages and disadvantages, and none of them will fit everybody’s usecases, so lets have a quick look at which one to use.

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